Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Striking the Anvil

Actually, that would be, "striking the mess that will become the Anvil."

This is Andrew Dudek. He and Green Bean coffeeshop owner, Pete Schroth, are starting a huge music club in downtown Greensboro, at the end of Lewis St, a block down from Elm. The club will be called The Flying Anvil and the guys have set April as a finishing date. Perhaps there will be a release party for Cat Power's newest album if everything is ready. The club will have a large bar area, a larger performance area with a stage, a V.I.P. nest and a record store. The club will host all sorts of bands, says Dudek, who owned and operated Tate Street's Gate City Noise.
Construction is definitely underway - today I spent several hours hauling old ceiling tiles and pieces of former wall out of the V.I.P. parlor-to-be with Andrew as the third muskateer chipped away at the cement. For now the guys are working Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 9 A.M. and eagerly accepting any volunteers who want to help out. The space is amazing and amazingly huge. I highly recommend stopping by.

This is the third muskateer in the future V.I.P. lounge. Notice the mask he's wearing. I had to wear one too so as not to inhale too much dust.


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