Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rainbow Brite, Sun Maid Raisin Girl Attend Party

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Before the Kitties

Italy! I took this picture on the last day we were in Rome. Oh, it was sad to leave. The coffee, the pasta, the pizza with arugula, the statues, the buildings, the wine, the streets, the leather, oh.

We had a lovely time visiting Florence and Siena.
Siena is hilly and it's fun to walk around. Florence was still a bit crowded but a wonderful small city.

In Rome we met up with the Danfords and went to Tivoli Gardens. Lucy seems to be having a great time on her study abroad program. It was great to see her as well as Steve and Linda.
Honestly, though I loved Turkey, I think this was the best trip I've ever taken.


These are my brand new kitties. The black one is Marlowe and the stripey one is Eliot. Sometimes in my head however I call him Thomas Middleton. The real Eliot probably would have been flattered. AREN'T THEY CUTE !!??!